Who should take Healthy Heart OPC?

Every living person should take Healthy Heart OPC. Especially people who have stress and anxiety in their lives or any type of adverse health condition.

How is Healthy Heart OPC different from other grape seed products?

Healthy Heart OPC is a concentrated form of low molecular weight molecules known as, Flavan-3-ol, which is 100% bioavailable and has medicinal value to strengthen and protect blood vessels from free radical damage. Grape seed is a mixture of unknown quality low and high molecular weight molecules. High weight molecular molecules  are not absorbed in the body and has no medicinal value.

What does bioavailable mean??

A substance is bioavailable when it is swallowed and passes through the stomach intact and is absorbed into the blood stream to produce a medicinal function. Healthy Heart OPC is 100% bioavailable! 

What do adverse health conditions have to do with stress or anxiety?

Any type of adverse health creates stress on your body. Anxiety creates stress. Stress causes the production of free radicals, which can damage every living cell in your body.

What are oxygen free radicals?

Oxygen free radicals are oxygen molecules, which are more positively (+) charged and become highly unstable and reactive in search for an electron (-) to make oxygen stable.


How do oxygen free radicals harm your health?

Oxygen free radicals burn holes in every living cell they come in contact with. This damage causes the body to age and deteriorate, and will weaken the immune system. Free radicals damage DNA at the cellular level causing illness and disease such as heart conditions and cancer. Diseases stem from free radicals, which are oxygen free radicals.

Oxidation causes materials to age and deteriorate. Oxidation causes iron to rust. So, you can say OPCs, help your blood vessels from becoming rusty.

How should I take Healthy Heart OPC?

Since OPCs have a high affinity to bind to proteins, you should take it on an empty stomach with water or fruit juice. (Do not take with dairy products.)

How many milligrams should I take each day?

The average dose for a healthy person is 1 mg per pound. If you have chronic health issues, you may take up to 400 mg per day. (Please consult with your health care provider.)

Are there any side effects with Healthy Heart OPC?

No side effects have been determined.

Can Healthy Heart OPC be taken during pregnancy?

Yes, no contraindications are known. OPCs have been proven to be non-mutagenicity.

Can Healthy Heart OPC be taken with blood thinners?

Yes, OPCs are antioxidants. They do not act as a blood thinner.

How long does it take for Healthy Heart OPC to work?

It normally takes between two and three weeks to strengthen blood vessels with Healthy Heart OPC.